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Cristina Maldonado/Badlygifted
projekty:Conversation on Melodrama Mexicano, CZ, (účinkující, koncept, video)
Jednoduchá tragédie, CZ, (účinkující)

Cristina Maldonado/Badlygifted is a body researcher, choreographer, pedagogue and conceptual artist. Her work is based on BODY, this concept nurtures diverse creative approaches: body in action, as a material, as an object, as a container of identity, emotions, stories and testimonies; all these used as a unifying symbol of human kind. Maldonado uses visual arts, performance, experimental theater, dance, interviews, testimonies, and conversation with audience aiming for a collective experience of introspection that usually starts on specific personal issues.

Since 2000 she has been directing and creating experimental performance productions, and usually works in collaboration with artists from different disciplines and nationalities. She has performed in Eastern Europe, New York and Montreal,; and have been supported by the main cultural institutions in México such as Foreign Affairs Secretariat, National Foundation for Culture and Arts, National Institute of Fine Arts.

Grants from the National Foundation for Culture and Arts (FONCA): 1999-2000, 2003-2004, 2008-2009

2008     Conversation on Melodrama Mexicano. Performance and video.
    Theater NOD, Prague, Czech Republic.
    MEDIATIONS Bienalle of Contemporary Art. Poznan, Poland.
Imprint. Performance-installation
            International festival of Performance Performagia. Mexico.
    Museum of  the City. Querétaro. México.
Habitar de Arena. Installation, collaboraton Jorge Ramirez.
Expired Ideals Archive SRI. Performance-installation.
International exhibition of Contemporary Art ESTACIONARTE. Mexico
Link Performance -public installation.
    International scene festival Segundaescena. México.
2007  Exposition Evidencias de Carne y Hueso. 4 performance installations.
    Museum of Contemporary Art No 8 México.
Fashion Action. Performance
Prague Quadrienal. World exhibition of Arquitecture and Scenography. CZ
Body Conference. Choregoraphic documentary.
    International Festival 4+4 Days in Motion. Prague, Cz.
    Teatr Centrum Leszno, Polonia.
Screening of Onírica video-dance, collection Retro 10.
    International Festival of Contemporary Films, México.
    Festival Danca Em Foco, Río de Janeiro
2004     Art residence of one year and a half in Prague. CZ
Creation  and direction of choreographic triptych  Brutality of Fact based on the work of Francis Bacon.
Estudio sobre el hecho y la fragilidad. Performance-installation.
Collboration Alain Kerriou. México, Prague.
2002-02 Creation of choreographies using physical theater and video.
1994-2000 Modern dance studies at National University UNAM Acatlan. Performer in Tiempo
de Bailar Ensamble.