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FIST – Festival of International Student Theatre, Belgrade, SRB


For the eighth time, FIST will be held at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, from
November 8 to November 11, 2012.

This year we would like to dedicate ourselves to the issues and the questions that concern all
of us. Because of that, this year’s concept of the Festival can be best described with the word
artivism. By this term we imply acting through the art which can contribute to solving various

In the FISTory, platform and FIST+ parts of the program, we will offer many contents through
which a number of current questions will be raised, such as the manipulation by the media,
inclusion of the marginalized groups, politicization of the society, environment preservation,
human rights and social unjustice.

The aim of this concept is to be provocative and make society act towards finding more
constructive solutions.

During the festival we will have a chance to see performances from Italy, Moldova, Switzerland,
The Czech Republic, Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Festival’s program besides performances contains music program, exhibitions, forums,
educational program.

For more information:

Faculty of Dramatic Arts
- Theatre, Film, Radio and Television
Bulevar umetnosti 20
11070 New Belgrade, Serbia