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Sám na javisku, Trencin, SK


The international single-actor theatre festival Sam na Javisku (Alone on the Stage) is a unique cultural event in Slovakia. The festival focuses solely on the presentation of single-actor theatre productions and multi-genre solo performances.
The origins of the festival date back to 1995, when it was conceived by Vlado Kulisek and his KVART agency, which organised and produced the festival for ten years. In 2005, the organisational baton was passed to Kolomaz – an association for contemporary art, which still carries it today. What sets the festival apart from other theatre festivals in Slovakia - dramaturgical concept based solely on single-actor theatre productions, presentation of multi-genre art projects of individuals, focus on untraditional, inspiring, non-conforming and innovative theatre productions. The festival has proved its viability over the 13 years of its existence. Our effort has been to find and present diverse types of productions – from classic monodramas, through pantomime, puppet and alternative theatre, to the currently popular one-man shows. At present, our priority is to create room for the presentation of professional drama actors and well-known personalities together with less known artists from the alternative and experimental theatre scene. The Kolomaz association always organises the festival at the same venue - the Hviezda cinema in Trencin. This has helped to maintain and enhance the "spirit of the festival" and unify the festival atmosphere, audiences and performers in a single centre, despite the technical circumstances at this venue, which are not adequate for more production-intensive plays. The festival is regularly held on the second weekend of September. The Sam na Javisku project is aimed at broad target groups, including children, young people, the middle generation and seniors. The average attendance of the festival is around 600. The festival's budget is based on the multi-source financing model using grants from the city of Trencin, Ministry of Culture, donors, sponsors and own resources. The festival's goals and visions for the future - to continue to present the best of the single-actor theatre to broad audiences and at the same time, place greater emphasis on the festival's international dimension, build up the festival's recognition at home and abroad, - include the festival in a broader network of accredited events of a similar nature at home and abroad.

Sám na javisku