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Okno, Szczecin, PL


Annual three or four day theatrical and musical festival promoting artistic searching of young alternative groups. Among the theatres performing at OKNO there were: Teatr Porywaczy Ciał, Teatr Usta Usta, Teatr Cosmino, Biuro Poszukiwan Teatralnych, Teatr Miedzymiastowa, Teatr 36 zl, Teatr Stajnia Pegaza, Muflarz, Compania Banda Oszustów, Chóry Gertrudy Stein, Be van Vark, Oval & So, Johannes Bergmark, Potemkin Express, Su-en, Alcalica, and many others.

OKNO is a proposition attracting the audience, journalists and organisers of other theatrical festivals from all over Poland. They are astonished by richness and variety of the programme, including seminars, film presentations, theatrical workshops, as well as performances of excellent artists of various fields (theatrical performances, concerts, exhibitions, etc.), and representing many countries (Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Greece, Great Britain, Japan). The Festival is one of the biggest events devoted to presentation of young art organised in Poland. Since several years editions of the festival have been built around one topic (dance, performance, anti-consumerism, multimedia, etc).

We always tried to “open the window” to integrate young artists, to lead them to meeting of various forms of theatrical and semi-theatrical expression. We are glad that our idea of the Meeting, that initially had been realised on a simple stage by a few local theatrical groups, has been taken by so many of our partners that came also from afar. We hope that this project, along with others, will help Szczecin to be identified soon as a place of meetings and confrontations of valuable and unique projects of young generation of European artists.

Zygmunt Duczynski and Janusz Turkowski



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