malá inventura  |  development of new art

City Opava, CZ

country:Czech republic

The Town of Opava organises many cultural events each year, among the most important being festivals Bezrucova Opava and Dalsi brehy; further, there is the International Contest of Young Organ Players, Subscriber concerts of chamber music, and the Film club for demanding viewers; it also prepares interesting art projects, etc. The culture festival Bezrucova Opava has for many years been the oldest and largest cultural event of the Opava region, and has attained country-wide reputation for its grand concept, single topic scheme each year and the revealing dramaturgy in recent years. The multi-genre festival Dalsi brehy, which includes theatre, film, music and poetry, where the key principle of selection in the search for inspiration, creativity, playfulness and search for new possibilities of communication through art, is focused mostly on students of secondary schools and universities and all non-conformist art enthusiasts. The main objective of the festival activities is not only to bring in outstanding artists and present remarkable art performances, but also to raise the “domestic” creativity in some of the events and activities and establish new art projects and creations.