malá inventura  |  development of new art

AAC Kulturanova, Novi Sad, SRB

address:Preradovićeva 123/231 Petrovaradin, Novi Sad, Srbsko, 21132

AAC kulturanova (“Association for Alternative Creation”) is a non-government, non-profit organisation founded for popularisation and affirmation of art and cultural spirit. It was founded in May 2001 in Novi Sad (the capital of Vojvodina, region in Serbia). Organization was founded as “umbrella” association of various non-formal independent art groups and individuals, young artists from Novi Sad. Organization’ focus is on development of urban youth culture and raising awareness on relevant social issues, with the vision of building creative platforms for youth in Novi Sad and in region.

The main fields of our work:

  • festivals & events (culture)
  • lectures, conferences (human right, youth policy)
  • workshops, seminars (education)

The base field of our activities is experimental arts. We’re interested in exploration of artistic frontiers (interaction of art and science, art and society, art and nature…).
AAC kulturanova is very much concerned how art can effect environment and how can it benefit to local communities. Through our activities we are promoting cultural diversity and cultural tolerance and we see cultural rights as important part of human rights. We are doing most of our projects in partnership with many organisations from the region as well as from EU and doing this we are promoting fight against xenophobia and encouraging collaboration among different cultures.