malá inventura  |  development of new art

JOHAN Association Pilzen, CZ

address:Divadlo pod lampou, Havířská 11, Plzeň, 301 00
space:Railway Station Plzen - Jizni predmesti, CZ
country:Czech republic

JOHAN citizens’ initiative – The Centre for Cultural and Social Projects in Plzen was established in 1998.

It has systematically developed its activities in three primary lines: art projects (festivals, theatre and para-theatre projects, actual production work, consultation and workshops), social work (resocialisation projects and volunteer work) and educational projects (art education, art pedagogy and aesthetic education, strongly emphasising personal and social development). The activities of the Centre have also significantly influenced the region (Plzen and Karlovy Vary regions) and adjacent foreign regions (Bavaria, Oberpfalz).

The building of Open Communication Space MOVING STATION has become the key project since 2000 and a scene for independent art projects which presents alternative art work and original projects. It presents the current tendencies from live art, emphasising the experimental theatre, creative art, projects going across various genres and types of art work. An important part of the Centre’s work are site specific projects and art projects to develop the local community. The Centre has also succeeded in establishing links with many home and foreign artists, university graduates and beginning artists.The project by Johan Centre offers space for active and alternative view of the work, its problems and their possible description or solution. The aim of our work is to contribute, through art work, to such social and community climate that enables self-expression, opens space for action and also gives full responsibility for the realisation and impact.Gradually space and technological background is prepared for continuous activity of your artists.

Independent theatre TYAN and students’ group Everybaby work permanently in the building, two music ensembles rehearse, a juggling group uses the space, a summer art studio was built and a simple graphic studio is being prepared. The space is open also as the primary residence for the preparation of original art projects for artists from the Czech Republic and abroad.