malá inventura  |  development of new art


Audiovisual Performance

space:ROXY/NOD, Prague, CZ
country:Czech republic
category:multimedial, experimental
support:Ministry of culture, Czech republic
team:ANTENA group (concept)
Bromová Valerie (costumes)
Housková Kateřina (costumes)
Krušelnický Petr (director)
Sýkorová Zuzana (acts)
Třesňáková Halka (acts)
Vrbík David (video, light design, music)

Dominance and submission - a study of two antagonistic principles. Electronic language (sound) in EASY tOlk means the transmission of video "score" through animation of horizontal straight lines into a stereo sound (video OUT > audio IN). A range of frequencies emerges, which may, arranged in certain composition, sound like a language (that does not exist).

21. 02. 200820:30ROXY/NOD, Prague, CZ
Easy tolk, photo by archive of theater ALFREDVEDVOŘEEasy tolk, photo by archive of theater ALFREDVEDVOŘE