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Fairy Tale In Drops

year of origin:2006
space:Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
country:Czech republic
category:dance, physical theatre, children´s
team:Dalecký Michal (acts)
Ditrichová Alena (acts)
Helebrantová Bára (acts)
Kociánová Dana (costumes)
Kudláč Jakub (music)
Lipovský Ondřej (acts)
Marečková Tereza (director)
Meduna Jan (acts)
Mládková Petra (costumes)
Reihserová Lenka (acts)
Sýkorová Jana (acts)
Tretiagová Lenka (director)
Tretiagová Tereza (acts)
Vokurková Lenka (acts)

What is good and what is evil? Is joy stronger than sorrow? A performance with interactive programme aims at bringing contemporary dance closer to children and at enabling them to conceive dance as a possibility of creative self-fulfilment. During interactive parts that intermingle with parts of the performance, children - spectators meet young dancers and become their equal partners in the game with movement right at Ponec theatre stage.

21. 12. 200815:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
19. 11. 200811:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
19. 11. 200809:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
27. 04. 200800:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
18. 04. 200815:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
16. 03. 200811:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
16. 03. 200809:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
15. 03. 200815:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
16. 02. 200811:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
16. 02. 200809:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
15. 02. 200815:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
25. 01. 200815:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
Fairy TAle in Drops, photo by O.StaněkFairy Tale in Drops, photo by O.MalinaFairy Tale in Drops, photo by O.StaněkFairy Tale In Drops, photo by O.Malina