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Joshkalipnikisadivine personanddoesnotknow howtolie!, CZ

no. 7 or Beware of eared walls, Mr. Joshka

country:Czech republic
team:Baban Džian (script)
Jenický Eduard (acts)
Mašek Vojtěch (script)
Petřík Vlastimil (light design)
Rašilov Václav (acts)

The reconstruction of one of the legendary meetings of two men: the famous German writer and publisher Hermann Schlechtfreund with his admirer, journalist and beginner poet Joshka Lipnik. This time mister Schlechtfreund seduces and pulls Joshka Lipnik into dangerous game of secret services and spy tricks. But does Joshka actually have a permition to house search with him?

23. 02. 200820:30
Joshkalipnikisadivinepersonanddoesnotknowhowtolie! photo by Š.LátalJoshkalipnikisadivinepersonanddoesnotknowhowtolie! photo by Š.Látal