malá inventura  |  development of new art


a story about people who refused to stay

space:Rock Café, Prague, CZ
country:Czech republic
team:Bordan Lili (acts)
Hozhoni Zuzana (acts)
Hubert Jakub (acts)
Ljubková Marta (concept, director)
Peksa Kamilla (acts)
Szabados Mihaly (acts)
Trojan Jan (music)
Vykoukalová Petra (scene)

Communist period. Four people of four different nations in one asylum camp. Who will go to the U.S.A., the dream land? Why are they leaving and why they do not want to come back? Will they find a common language? We also want to promote communication within the Visegrad region to prove that there are still some emotions and feelings which can be discussed or eventually transferred int o a piece of art.

24. 02. 200819:00Rock Café, Prague, CZ
Exit, photo by A.KerekesExit, photo by A.KerekesExit, photo by A.KerekesExit, photo by A.Kerekes