malá inventura  |  development of new art


musical and dance improvised collage by three dancers and musicians interconnected without using a prearranged script

space:Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
country:Czech republic
category:dance, musical, no language barriere, experimental
team:Ditrichová Alena (acts)
Havlovi Irena a Vojtěch (music)
Holba Mikoláš (concept)
Rellichová Magdalena (acts)
Švec Jan (acts)
Vébrová Jana (music)
Vydra Jiří (concept)

An experiment that combines a range of musical variations and dance figures in a single project. Each musician or a group controls the dancer on the stage. The dancers dance only to the music they are assigned and thus three alternating and interweaving sections of music and dance are created. The whole Orchestron is dominated by a conductor determining which of the music and dance sections is going to be performed.

27. 02. 200819:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
Orchestron, photo by R.PropkopOrchestron, photo by R.PropkopOrchestron, photo by R.Prokop