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An event around the table

year of origin:2008
space:ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre, Prague, CZ
country:Czech republic
category:dance, no language barriere
Ministy of Culture of Czech Republic
Motus, C.A.
team:Chaloupková Dagmar (acts)
Kinsky Marie (production, acts)
Komárek Jan (director, light design)
Komárková-Suša Michaela (acts)
Mandová Petra (acts)
Miltner Andrea (acts)
Půčiková Petra (acts)
Sviteková Zdenka (acts)

Nova sit's project


A meeting of seven female dancers whose motto is: don’t pretend to be anyone but yourself. Director and choreographer Jan Komárek presents the performers with situations which provoke them to explore their own authorial abilities.


12. 09. 200900:00Railway Station Plzen - Jizni predmesti, CZ
25. 02. 200919:00ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre, Prague, CZ
Table Culture, photo by P.KudláčekTable Culture, photo by P.Kudláček