malá inventura  |  development of new art


year of origin:2009
space:Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
country:Czech republic
category:dance, no language barriere
support:Prague City Council
Ministy of Culture of Czech Republic
Tanec Praha, C.A.
Studio Dance Perfect
Radio 1
team:Arenbergerová Helena (acts)
Fruček Jozef (choreography)
Kapetanea Linda (choreography)
Kaščák Michal (music)
Mašek Pavel (acts)
Nepšinský Tomáš (acts)
Ondruš Jaro (acts)
Ottová Michaela (acts)
Simona Rybáková (costumes)
Tesař Dan (light design)
Vágnerová Lenka (acts)

The story of seven characters, born from fourteen images. Of fourteen hands, getting rid of sixty-six kilos of unhappy meat and of the whiteness of two hundred and six bones. Of fourteen funny images searching for ten thousand lost dreams and of one meaningful reason to exist.

24. 02. 200920:30Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
100 wounded tears, photo by P.Otta