malá inventura  |  development of new art


The i i r i s case was examined by the specialized team KREPSKO

year of origin:2008
space:ROXY/NOD, Prague, CZ
country:Czech republic

Figure 41 presents a rare specimen of i i r i s  d e m i - f o l i e. This species is not poisonous, but considering the fact that it only blossoms in solitude, one is unlikely to encounter it. It also remains a mystery whether it is a predator or prey. Its scent is described as a "Houdini hallucinationi“ or  "odour of fainting nymph“. Although many details from the life of i i r i s  d e m i - f o l i e are explored, it obvious that a lot still remains to be discovered.

28. 02. 200919:30ROXY/NOD, Prague, CZ
Fig. 41: Iiris, photo by T.Bořil