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Oidipus (Complex)

experimental drama

year of origin:2007
space:ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre, Prague, CZ
country:Czech republic
team:Burian Jan (music)
Černošková Monika (acts)
Jefferson Carli (acts)
Komlosi Alexander (acts)
Lotker Howard (director)
Lotker Sodja (dramaturgy)
Miltner Andrea (acts)
Rosen Josef (acts)
Schenker Phillip (scene, acts)
Voráčková Daniela (acts)

Nova sit's project


HoME does not offer run-of-the-mill theatre, it offers theatre as a play. A play which changes and develops with the active involvement of the public, so that every evening it can end in a different way.

You might know HoME theatre from their successful residential theatre project DoMA/at home, which won them the main prize at the Next Wave festival in 2006. Flats and houses and their owners became the space, the topic and the co-stars of each performance.

HoME is building on their first project and as the theme or sounding board for their new theatre performance they have chosen the classic Greek tragedy Oidipus. Every evening they will take this old story and attempt the impossible: to spice up the play, which tells the patricidal and incestuous story of the Theban king, with the opinions, personal history and current mood of the public. Entertainment, provocation, questions, challenges! Come take a poke at the story of Oidipus, and perhaps at yourself too!

11. 09. 200811:00church of st. Vaclav, CZ
10. 09. 200821:00church of st. Vaclav, CZ
22. 02. 200820:30La Fabrika, Prague, CZ
22. 02. 200818:30La Fabrika, Prague, CZ
Oidipus (complex), photo by P.KudláčekOidipus (complex), photo by P.KudláčekOidipus (complex), photo by P.KudláčekOidipus (complex), photo by P.Kudláček