malá inventura  |  development of new art


dance calligraphy

year of origin:2007
category:plastic, experimental, movement
support:ALFREDVEDVORE Theatre
Prague Municipal Hall
Ministry of Culture Czech Republic
team:Hošková Ludmila (acts)
Hybler Jakub (light design)
Jelínková Klára (acts)
Pušová Renata (acts)
Synková Anna (acts)
Škochová Bláhová Olga (concept, director)
Wollnerová Tereza (acts)
Železný Ladislav (sound)

Project is completed


A unique experiment which connects choral chanting, calligraphy, motion and video screening. The spectator is a witness to several layers of the composition, self-inspiring and merging into a unique shape: The minimalist motion of the vocalists, the dynamic motion of the performer and their visual and audio imprint. The choral melody is accompanied with a peculiar sound design, working with the sound of the instruments and the floor, enabling the spectator to physically experience the singing in motion. Everything is shot from an unusual angle by a camera above, tracking the emerging “motion calligraphy”.

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