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The Amnesic Days of the Polar Nights

Movement-Theatre Perfromance by Ioana Mona Popovici

year of origin:2009
country:Czech republic
category:physical theatre
team:Cír Jakub (acts)
Kornetová Nela (acts)
Míka Petr (acts)
Polák Zdeněk (acts)
Popovici Ioana Mona (director)

The action takes place in a forgotten village from a remote valley. It’s been very long since something happened or was heard there. Perfect silence and the impossibility to trace the passing of time. The total lack of noise and information that could create new memories, dramatically affected the destiny of the natives and of the unique bird that lives (out)there.

The performance was created as part of the school curriculum of the department of Physical Theatre for Film and Stage of the JAMU theatre Faculty in Brno –


28. 02. 201016:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
The Amnesic Days of the Polar Nights