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Barin Our Souls

year of origin:2007
space:Duncan Centre, Prague, CZ
country:Czech republic
team:Hudečková Jana (choreography, acts)
Kacianová Veronika (acts)
Morávek Tomáš (light design)
Štecová Jitka (acts)
Trpišovská Marta (choreography, acts)

Nova sit's project


A sprightly performance full of life, colours, women laughter but humour above all. The dancer – mostly women, has set the objective to entertain not only tehemselves but also the spectators without using any special technical devices. All riches are drawn from the dancerś personalities, from the zest and desire to communicate, from the spectatorś reaction and response. The spectator should make part of the game from the beginning – the game would be sentelles otherwise.The performance inspiration lies in small imperfections of each of the four dancers, in their perverted imaginations, in their characters, features and in their experience. A piece abounding in woman energy and humour was born naturally. And that is what all about – TO BARE OUR SOULS.


Baring our souls, photo by Š.LátalBaring our souls, photo by Š.LátalBaring our souls, photo by Š.Látal