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Little Man, CZ

Work, fatherhood, love and madness of Wilhelm Reich

year of origin:2009
space:ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre, Prague, CZ
support:City Council of Prague
Motus, C.A. - production of Alfredvedvore theatre
4+4 Days in Motion Festival
Municipal Library Prague
Ministery of Culture of Czech Republic
Theatre Faculty of Performing Arts
team:Burian Jan (sound)
Černošková Monika (co-operation)
Durdil Zdeněk (video)
Egon Tobiáš (script)
Ljubková Marta (co-operation)
Lotker Howard (director, acts, script)
Lotker Sodja (dramaturgy)
Morávek Tomáš (light design)
Plchová Olga (co-operation)
Schenker Phillip (costumes, scene)
Slámková Renata (co-operation)

This one man performance (with Howard Lotker) is inspired by the strange character and fate of Freud’s talented student – leading psychiatrist, scientist and writer Wilhelm Reich – a pioneer in studies on the connection between the mind and body. The style of HoME theatre compels viewers to examine the limits of Reich’s brilliance and his probable madness. HoME received "A Project of the Year" award at the Next Wave festival in 2006.


25. 04. 201020:00Railway Station Plzen - Jizni predmesti, CZ
25. 02. 201018:00ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre, Prague, CZ
Little Man