malá inventura  |  development of new art


year of origin:2009
country:Czech republic
team:Boháč Petr (director)
Jarkowski Jiří (script)
Kafková Alena (production)
Klimešová Daniela (costumes)
Mařák Martin (co-operation)
Vaněk Petr (acts)

Unicorn - an existence based crimi story for one actor - is in a spectre of the Spitfire Company their first play where there is the main part in dramatic text. The direction does not underline physical, motion action. Minimal pieces of expression stress out absurdity of the Jiří Jarkowsky´s text. The most important part of the cration was an excursion to the feeling of loneliness. We see the trail of a man who happened to stay completely on his own. It shows present era because people are often lonely directly in the centre of the billboard society. The text of Jiří Jarkowský is an inspection to this existential experience. But to be alone - in the words of Jarkowský - does not mean dispair but a way how to understand ourselves. Even though this could mean to stop and ask ourselves: when now, who now and where now. Ispired by the work of Samuel Beckett: En attendant Godot, Malone dies and The Unnamable.


28. 04. 201020:00Railway Station Plzen - Jizni predmesti, CZ
26. 02. 201019:002nd Floor