malá inventura  |  development of new art

Wait Wait Wait

year of origin:2009
space:Studio Alt@ - Hala 30, Praha, CZ
country:Czech republic
category:physical theatre
team:Arenbergerová Helena (acts)
Steyaert Thomas (acts)
Synková Anna (acts)

Life in a once populated community that is presented to the viewer in a time of their decadence when only three people live there. They escaped from a common world and created new, safe surroundings with their own rules they had agreed upon at the beginning. The initial foundation idea has already disappeared but these three ones are still staying together. Despite their common direction and keeping rituals they are alone, repeated trials to link to others, the characters cannot meet. However, they refuse to leave “their” world. The authors discover comical, absurd, intimate and clashing moments of such a relationship.

28. 02. 201020:00Studio Alt@ - Hala 30, Praha, CZ