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Allocution and dialogic skills, public speaking, self-presentation, coordination.


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Lecturer: Jan Nepomuk Piskač

This is a course designed to develop public speaking skills and self-confident and clear communication with others. The basic educational approach is learning to speak or express oneself verbally, a process which is inseparable from use of the voice, gestures and movement. 


What We Offer The course offers an opportunity for participants to clearly and understandably present (and prepare) a text, whether their own or interpreted. It should be presented so as to convey its meaning, and in a self-confident and personal way. Public speaking is not merely “reading out” a text in front of others, but is also a way of presenting a clear and convincing viewpoint in the true as well as metaphorical sense. Public speaking not only requires the orator to focus on himself, but also on others, his spectators and audience. 

Target Group The course is designed for all those who, as part of their profession, use the written or spoken word, those who formulate texts as well as those who afterwards present these texts to others, those whose day-to-day work involves communicating, discussing and negotiating with others. This may include teachers, students, managers, active politicians, media staff, culture organisers, artists and active citizens. 

Schedule We prefer to hold longer courses, given that practice makes perfect. However, we also respect the workload and time constraints of our participants. We consider approx. 36 hours to be the minimum course length, scheduled into several weeks or days upon agreement.  

Jan Nepomuk Piskac (*1976), lecturer For more than ten years he has been involved in the development of the psychosomatic approach to learning, study and the creative arts in the Department of Author Work and Pedagogy of DAMU University, from which he graduated and where he now intends to complete his doctorate. He specialises in the disciplines included in “dialogic communication” and “speech education” (or “allocution”, “speech communication” or “rhetoric”). Since 2009 he has been a lecturer in public speaking and speech education.