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Nova sit's project


Led by Vera Ondrasikova


This workshop is designed for professional as well as amateur dancers, actors and everyone interested in contemporary dance. The workshop is available in two levels: pre-intermediate and professional. A programme for theatre groups can also be prepared. The lectures of Vera Ondrasikova are based on her experience in conducting dance courses for the Dance Perfect studio, for Pro-Art, and for other professional as well as amateur groups. Given her experience of dramatic theatre, she is also able to cooperate with artists who do not primarily work in dance theatre. 

Basic Module The workshop consists of a lecture on contemporary dance lasting approx. 90 minutes, in which the participants learn the basic techniques of the art of contemporary dance, learn the differences between contemporary dance and classical dance, and what is covered by the term ‘contemporary dance’. The first lesson is followed by the creative part (90 mins – 2 hrs) in which a choreographer uses features and principles from the previous lesson. These features are developed and more thoroughly exercised in collaboration with the course attendants, and the dancers are taught to develop their own means of expression. The ideal group has 8–15 dancers. 

Advanced Module The course is based on the same principle as the basic module, taking into consideration the skills, abilities and experience of the participants. Special emphasis is on creativity. 

Vera Ondrasikova After studying creative arts at secondary school, she enrolled at the Department of Dance of HAMU University to study Choreography. As a dancer, she participated in projects by Lenka Ottova, Norman Douglas, Claude Brumachon, Nir de Volfe, Willi Domer and made guest appearances in the Comedy Theatre (Klara S., directed by David Jarab). Her graduation performance entitled “Aigues Mortes” was introduced at the festivals Dance Praha 2004, Biennale de la danse in Lyon, Aerowaves in London, Aerodance in Amsterdam and Masdanza in the Canary Islands (1st Prize for group work). In April 2005 she created a choreographic piece entitled “UNIQUE” which was introduced as part of the Dance Praha 2005 festival and won the 2nd Sazka Prize. Two years later she made a new project entitled “IN-FINITO”. As a study residence choreographer she worked with The Professional Dance School in Mazatlan, Mexico and with the MU Terminal group in Budapest. As an interpreter, she won the “Most Outstanding Dancer” prize at the Masdanza festival in the Canary Islands and joined the final of the “Am beste deutsche solo” contest in Leipzig, Germany. Her latest project is a multimedia dance performance entitled “LOA15STEPS”. 

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