malá inventura  |  development of new art


year of origin:2009
country:Czech republic
team:Herranz Solis Fernando (sound)
Hudečková Jana (choreography)
Látal Štěpán (photography)
Lenerová - Hradílková Tereza (acts)
Novotná Mariana (costumes)
Štecová Jitka (acts)
Švejdová Lea (acts)
Trpišovská Marta (choreography)
Trpišovská Marta (acts)
Vodenka Michael (light design)

Project is completed


A dance and theatre excursion about a world where beauty is born and dies.Everything lying at our feet and everything we tread on.We are able to identify the quality of subjective pleasure, why we depend on conventions, and whether to be in or not to be out.Helga may give you a hint.

Supported by: Ponec Theatre, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic,  Alt@rt association