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Found & Lost

VerTeDance + Charlotta Öfverholm (SWE)

year of origin:2011
country:Czech republic
category:dance, physical theatre, no language barriere

The duet was created by the Swedish choreographer and performer Charlotta Öfverholm for VerTeDance company. In her work, Charlotta Öfverholm combines dance and theatre and is not afraid to experiment. Found & Lost is physical, poetic and humoristic work for two strong women.

Charlotta Öfverholm represents physically challenging and rough movement theatre. In her performances she does not avoid crude and sometimes even self-destructive images of a body. She often depicts fragility and brutality of interpersonal relationships and destructive agressiveness of contemporary world.

Choreografie / Choreography: Charlotta Öfverholm (SWE)

Tančí / Performing: Tereza Ondrová, Veronika Kotlíková

Světelný design / Light design: Pavel Kotlík

Produkce / Production: Markéta Faustová

Hudba / Music: Johnny Cash, Plastikman, Collage

Za podpory / Supported by: Kulturrädet, ALT@RT o. s.

Koprodukce / Co-production: Divadlo Konvikt / K3 Olomouc

Další informace / For more information:

Premiere: 15. 5., 16. 5. 2011 –  Olomouc, 18. 5. 2011 – Praha, divadlo Ponec

Duration: 35 min.

“Öfverholm is not afraid of expressivity, neither as a performer nor as a choreographer: she puts serious scenes right before or after the humorous ones, she approaches dance as a theatrical means, she works with spoken word and singing, she builds up the atmosphere with music, she stresses the characters by means of costumes... And VerTeDance are just perfect performers for her piece.“ (A2, Jana Bohutínská. 2011)