malá inventura  |  development of new art



year of origin:2012
country:Czech republic
category:multimedial, experimental
team:Krušelnický Petr (concept, concept, concept)
Vanišová Apolena (concept, concept)

So much he loves to rub his face against his mother's wool dress. So gladly he cuddles with her when she wears it. The material. The feeling. He is dressed in her dress and feels her all over his body.

The project of independent theatre group Antena

Inspired by the play of Carlos Be Chicory

The production Valentine combines drama techniques and non-verbal theatre with audio-visual installation, focusing primarily on the issue of violence committed on women. We follow the replies in the form of a testimony of a young boy who remained somewhere in the back. Only a name remained of him, a name that to him appears in a nightmare. Chicory. Chicory in the streets, in the ditches along the road between containers on the roadside. Sometimes she cries for her mother at night and says that she loves her. Nobody ever loved her as much as she did.

One (wo)man show of Petr "Krusha" Krušelnický

"If anyone wanted to evaluate the performance as a drama, in any sense of the word, even with full amount of empathy, the would bump. One actor on stage performs four different roles, only reciting the text. Then the actor completely changes his position and becomes a mime, at another moment he turns into a DJ and beatboxer experimenting with his voice, music and sound loop. The whole collage appears primarily as a supremely visual art. If I was not afraid of fantasizing, I would say it was a live image."

(Dominik Melichar – theatre critic,, May 31, 2012)

One (wo) man show of Petr "Krusha" Krušelnický

Under the supervision of Apolena Vanišová

Translation of the play: Peter Gojda

For productions abroad, Valentine is ready to be modified combining subtitles and simultaneous translation.