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Railway Station Plzen - Jizni predmesti, CZ



Moving station is located in the former Plzeň Jižní předměstí (Pilsen South Suburb) railway station. The derelict building was constructed in 1904 but had been abandoned since 1986. A site specific workshop held there during the 2000 International Theatre Festival promptedan initiative to reopen the station as a permanent space for independent and experimental culture.

A 5-year lease was entered into with the Czech Railways. The lease was renewed by Realitní společnost Klotz, a real estate agency which had purchased the building at auction in 2006. The building is currently being refurbished for cultural purposes. Volunteers have cleaned up the site and made the building secure. There is now a dressing room, an operating room and a storeroom. More technical equipment is being obtained and a “small” rehearsal room has been put into operation.

Feasibility studies were carried out in conjunction with the Faculty of Architecture in Prague to convert the station into a cultural and social centre. The building has been operating seasonally during the warmer months since 2003. The segmented layout and the absence of fixed equipment allow for a lot of freedom in using the space. The stage are aisvariable and can encroach on hallways, stairwells and other rooms.


Technical equipment


wide: 12 m
deep: 10 m
high: 3,85 m

Capacity: 40 - 80 spectators

Johan Centre, Pilzen