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Garden Cultural Centre, Praha, CZ

Malenická 1784, 148 00 Praha 1


“Kulturní centrum Zahrada” (Garden Cultural Centre) was a public budget institution belonging to the Municipality of Praha 11 until mid 2007. Since August 2007 it has been administered by Kulturní Jižní Město (Cultural South City), a public benefitcompanyestablishedby the Municipality, along with two other centres.

The major part of the programme, i.e. events held in public places, artists in residence and stage productions, is carried out by Zahrada, a public benefitcompanyfoundedin2007byDavid Kašpar, Jiří Sulženko and Marie Zemanová, all of whom are involved in running Zahrada. Director Eliška Vinařová also works at Kulturní Jižní Město. The management team are graduates of the Production Department of DAMU (Divadelní Fakulta Akademie Múzických Uméní, the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague). All four main organisers have worked with The Archa Theatre. David Kašpar and Marie Zemanová have worked with refugees, Jiří Sulženko was the producer in charge of PR and Marketing for four years and Eliska Vinarová was a producer. Vinarová is also a director of “Letní Letná” (Summer in Letna) a new circus festival. Once they had wound up the previous public institution, the authorities of Prague 11 appointed the current team to bring about a major change in the philosophy of how the centre should be run. The basic aim was to revive the existing cultural centre, build a production base for their own projects, set up working relationships with foreign partners, provide a place of residence for domestic and foreign artists, and, generally to change the common perception of the periphery as a place best avoided by theatregoers and artists alike.

Zahrada’s programme is divided into four parts: an evening programme comprising theatre, dance, concerts and cinema; a children’s programme to introduce children’s theatre and creative workshops; workshops in traditional disciplines and “street art” like juggling, graffiti,beatbox and breakdance; public events which seek to maximise the public’s contact and participation. These might be traditional events, like the Mikulassky and Masopustni (Santa Claus or Carnival) parades, or street festival, legal graffitietc.


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