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Sopot Off de Bicz Stage, Sopot, PL

al. Mamuszki 2, 81-718 Sopot


Sopocka Scena Off de BICZ (Sopot Off de BICZ Stage) is a cultural institution established in October 2003 as part of the Baltic Artistic Agency BART. This was set up on the initiative of the Sopot municipal authorities and has its officeintheTheatreontheBeach.EwaIgaczak’sTeatr Stajnia Pegaza (Pegasus’ Stable Theatre), Marek Brand’s Teatr Zielony Wiatrak (Green Windmill Theatre) and Joanna Czajkowska and Jacek Krawczyk’s Teatr Okazjonalny (Occasion Dance Theatre) are all regular attractions. Each has its own distinctive artistic traits.

Teatr Stajnia Pegaza, founded in 1981, specialises in adapting the masterpieces of Polish and world literature. Some of their better known productions include Wstyd (Shame) based on Heinrich Böll’s The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum, Gertruda (Gertrude) based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Wieczorek anarchistyczny (Anarchist Evening) adapted from Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf.

Teatr Zielony Wiartrak, established in 1994, presents plays based on original scripts primarily concerned with the problems confronting individuals in modern society. Drapacze chmur (Skyscrapers) deals with emigration and DNA examines rivalry in a reality show.Teatr Okazjonalny has been on the scene since 1998 and uses modern dance as its primary means of expression. The scripts are written by the members of the company and findtheirinspiration in poetry e. g.

Alchemik Halucynacji (Alchemist of Hallucinations), scientifictheories(D-KOD-R), music Helikopter Tanz Streichquartett and visual arts (Viva la Vida!).

These companies are in the vanguard of Polish independent theatre. They currently have some twenty plays in their repertoire, which they perform at various festivals at home and abroad.

Sopot Off de BICZ Stage presents works by other independent theatres in addition to its own productions. It also runs a cycle of theatrical sessions. These include stage movement, improvisation, working with texts, singing, diction and scriptwriting. Off de BICZ Stage is a member of EON Meeting, an informal European independent theatre association.


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