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Srebrna Góra Theatre, PL

ul. Letnia 10, Srebrna Góra


Teatralna Srebrna Góra is the result of a collaboration between Stowarzyszenie Teatralne Chorea (Chorea Theatrical Association) and Teatr Brama (Gate Theatre).

Chorea continues the work of Tomasz Rodowicz and Maciej Rychły’s Orkiestra Antyczna (Ancient Orchestra), and Dorota Porowska and Elżbieta Rojek’s Tańce Labiryntu (Dances of Labyrinth) ensemble. These groups developed a joint programme in 2004. Chorea has been based at Łódź’s Fabryka Sztuki (Art Factory) since 2007. The Association aims to bridge the gulf between the ancient and the modern. However, there is more than just an interest in antiquity. Above all, it is a way of working, an approach to theatre, a boot camp for actors, and a simultaneous mastery of both songs and text. The present is what interests the group not the past! Chorea joined forces with Welsh company Earthfall Dance to stage the triptych Hode Galatan (2003), Po ptakach (After the Birds, 2005) and Bakkus (2006). Other productions include Tezeusz w labiryncie (Theseus in the Labyrinth, 2004), Taniec Lasu (The Dance of the Forest, 2006), Wiatr w sosnach (Wind Among the Pines, 2006), Sczeźli (2007), Śpiewy Eurypidesa (Eyrypides’ Songs, 2007). Odpoczywanie (Relaxation, 2007) (a collaboration with Kraków’s Łaźnia Nowa). Brama was founded in 1996 by Daniel Jacewicz, who remains its leader. Brama started out as an independent theatre club before becoming a theatre in a cultural centre. Today, it operates as Stowarzyszenie Edukacyjno-Społeczno-Kulturalne Teatr Brama (Educational, social and cultural association Gate Theatre). Brama began creating a style born of a passion for belonging to a community. Recent productions include Gaz (Gas, as part of Akcja Zygmuntowa, 2003), Poszukiwacze szczęścia (Happiness Hunters, 2005), and My (Us, 2007). Culture animation, education and involvement with the local community are all components of the group’s work.

In 2005, Chorea engaged Brama to carry out some of the tasks for a research project on Sophocles’ Antigone. The two associations decided to adapt a venue in Srebrna Góra for their artistic purposes and have been developing projects and staging performances there ever since.


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