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Hájenská 1433/2, 40747 Varnsdorf


The former operator of KD Rozkrok was a local pub owner who organised cultural programme as a private business from 2003. At the end of 2005 the initiative Kulturni Dum Rozkrok was established to focus on the cultural and social activities in Varnsdorf and the adjacent Sluknov region and the Luzicke mountains.

The building is located on the intersection (hence the name) at the border hill of Spicak in Varnsdorf at the beginning of the last century and was used as the evening shop and a pub. KD Rozkrok then started its activities in 2003 after a large scale reconstruction. The former abandoned apartment for the pub owner in the first floor was converted into a small meeting room and the initiatives office and a bedroom for the performing artists and the tired visitors from the more distant places.

Rozkrok Venue, Varnsdorf