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Wytwórnia Theatre, Warszawa, PL

ul. Ząbkowska 27/31, 03-736 Warszawa


Teatr Wytwórnia (Manufacturing Theatre) was founded in Warsaw in 2005 thanks to cooperation between the Fundacja na Starej Pradze (Foundation for Old Praga) set up by Janusz Owsiany, and the playwrights Małgorzata Owsiany, Radosław Dobrowolski, Jacek Papis and Monika Powalisz. Wytwórnia provides a venue for an informal group of playwrights, choreographers, directors and volunteers who work with the theatre. Their mission is “to enrich the city’s cultural life by producing unconventional artistic ventures in Praga. We’d like to see this place become a modern theatrical and artistic centre, a place free of bureaucracy, and without a resident company. We want Wytwórnia to be active, open and outward-looking”, said the founders.

Wytwórnia has so far staged 17 shows, including Uwaga Złe Psy (Beware of the Dogs, directed by Michał Siegoczyński), Paw Królowej (The Queen’s Peacock, directed by Jacek Papis), Kalimorfa (directed by Marek Kalita), Córka Słońca (The Sun’s Daughter, directed by Radosław Dobrowolski), Kraniec (The End, directed by Piotr Nowak). Apart from its own productions, the theatre hosts guest performances, lectures, meetings, discussions, exhibitions, previews, concerts and filmscreenings.

Wytwórnia has won many awards including the Minister of Culture Award it received at the 12th Contemporary Polish Play Competition, and its plays have been performed at theatre festivals all over Poland.


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