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space:Grabštejn castle, CZ
country:Czech republic

GRABSTEIN WORLD FEST is a festival of alternative and etno music and theatre.

It takes place in a charming area of the Grabstein castle not far from Hradek nad Nisou, situated at the triangle of Czech-German-Polish borders.

This festival is focused on non-commercial alternative and ethno music and on independent theatre.

The festival has already existed for 6 years and in this period both popular and  unknown artists from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary and France have performed on the stage.

The GRABSTEIN WORLD FEST is the only festival of its kind in the Czech Republic. It is outstanding event not because of the numer of visitors but  its original dramaturgy  and familiar atmosphere.

As a part of the festival there are also supporing programmes, for example theatre fo children, showing students movies and workshops for everybody.

Grabstejn World FestGrabstejn World Fest