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International Festival of Dance Theatres, Lublin, PL

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Since the first edition in 1997, belongs to the biggest cultural events in Lublin, and later became also one of the most important dance theatres festivals in Poland and Eastern Europe. With regard to its geographical location, the city of Lublin seems to be a very special point on the artistic map of Europe, especially after the expansion of European Union. The cultures of the East and West have been clashed for many centuries here and we believe that cultural events taking place in Lublin nowadays should bring the two worlds closely together and that mutual relations should be friendly and peaceful.

Our idea is that the Festival should facilitate mutual recognition and understanding, exchange of experience and ideas, it should also encourage the inspiration of other cultures between Poland and other East European countries and the „western world". We believe that contemporary dance is a special art not limited by any frontiers, which does not require the knowledge of foreign languages. It is a fully democratic art, open to other art domains and addressed to sensitive people looking for real authenticity in the artistic activities. Expected results and long term benefits of the Festival in Lublin are:

  • a fuller knowledge of and closer relationship between cultures of participating countries
  • promotion of contemporary dance makers and their work, a stimulus to cultural exchange and co-operation of artists
  • making the contemporary dance audience larger due to presentations, workshops and media participation in the promotion of festival events
  • enhancement of contemporary dance criticism, education of opinion -makers
  • enhancement of skills and acquisition of new experiences by young dancers and choreographers by means of educational activities offered in the frames of the festival
  • incentive for dance teachers, especially for those working in smaller centres in the range of cultural activity organisation connected with contemporary dance, a stimulus to the start of co-operation between dance centres

International meeting of dance theatres