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Culture House Rozkrok, Varnsdorf, CZ

address:Hájenská 1433/2, 407 47 Varnsdorf
country:Czech republic

The Culture club Rozkrok initiative is “seated” in the club of the same name with a restaurant in the Northern Bohemian town of Varnsdorf. Its activities began in November 2004. The initiative currently organises cultural events, most of them being concerts (from folk singers through big beat to experimental electronic music), exhibitions, from time to time film and documentary DVD projections and theatre performances. Besides the premises of Kulturni dum Rozkrok, the initiative has regularly co-organised the film club “Art klub Varnsdorf” in the Panorama cinema. Among its most remarkable and best known activities is the organisation of the traditional international music festival CTVEREC in Dolni Poustevna. Besides Nova sit, the initiative participates in the following projects: International Puppet Festival in Dolni Poustevna, Kytara napric zanry, Hudebni skepy Vaclava Koubka, AUGEN AUF zivilcourage zeigen, etc.