malá inventura  |  development of new art

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DOT 504
team:Arenbergerová Helena , Ottová Michaela , Vágnerová Lenka , Mašek Pavel , Opavský Petr , Raček Daniel
projects:Holdin´ Fast, CZ, (acts)


DOT 504 is the first fully professional contemporary dance group in the Czech Republic. After Lenka Ottová (artistic director of the company) obtained financial support from the Municipality of the Capital City of Prague, the standard and permanent company came into existence in September 2006. Its name DOT 504 was derived from the number of the grant thanks to which the group came into being.

The company puts emphasis not only on dancers’ technical level, but also on the expressive and physical aspects of contemporary dance. It cooperates with guest choreographers and teachers from the Czech Republic and abroad.