malá inventura  |  development of new art


year of origin:2008
space:Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
country:Czech republic
category:dance, multimedial
support:Foundation Život umělce
Studio Dance Perfect
Pietro Filipi
WD Lux
Ministy of Culture of Czech Republic
Prague City Council
Tanec Praha, C.A.
team:Cihlář Ondřej (dramaturgy)
Dědeček Ondřej (music)
Mládková Petra (costumes)
Ondrašíková Věra (choreography, acts)
Ondruš Jaro (acts)
Peška Radim (acts)
Plesl Honza (video)
Teichman Igor (video)
Tesař Dan (light design)

Nova sit's project


Hurry up slowly and you can get more things done than you thought. A dance project touches upon being in a rush as a way of life, in which speed and effectiveness prevails over quality. The hurry which makes us shorten or postpone every seemingly unimportant thing to the END or perhaps INDEFINITELY?


27. 02. 200916:00Ponec theatre, Prague, CZ
In-finito, photo by P.FerkačIn-Finito, photo by M.SanderaIn-Finito, photo by M.SanderaIn-Finito, photo by M.Sandera