malá inventura  |  development of new art


year of origin:2010
country:Czech republic, Poland, Slovenija, Denmark
team:Ajanki Emma-Cecilia (acts)
Andrea Marc (acts)
Jablanovec Bojan (director)
Oven Janko (acts)
Stentebjerk Marie-Luise (acts)
Tuka Magdalena (acts)
Wach Anita (acts)
Zorc Grega (acts)

Project is completed


The stories about being a victim of consumerism´s love ideology, scenes about searching for new though more and more ridiculous ways to satisfy the need to love and to be loved. Casablanca is a performance about love as a misunderstanding, packed with cheesy romantic songs and love cliches. A performance that desperately wants to be touched by the audience and risks yet another dissapointment.

The work was created as part of the DNA (Development of New Art ) international project and as a production of the New Web. It returns to Prague for two exclusive performances after successfully touring Europe.

duration: 70´

the performance is in English with Czech subtitles