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The Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw, PL

Rynek-Ratusz 27, 50-101 Wrocław


Instytut im. Jerzego Grotowskiego (The Grotowski Institute), which operates under the auspices of the City of Wrocław, undertakes artistic and scholarly research that takes up the challenges thrown down by the artistry of Jerzy Grotowski. The Institute was set up along the lines of Ośrodek (the Centre for Studies of Jerzy Grotowski’s Work and for Cultural and Theatrical Research), which has existed since 1989, and occupies the site of Grotowski’s former Teatr Laboratorium (Laboratory Theatre) in Wrocław’s old market place as well as another building in Brzezinka. The Institute is to inherit the Grotowski Centre’s work and property, while maintaining the nature of an organization which explores the realms of culture, art and education through various forms of activity. The statute which effected the name change came into effect on 28 December 2006. This marks a realignment, expansion and development of the institution’s programmes. The Institute continues the Grotowski Centre’s work but places greater emphasis on education, promotion, producing, and publishing. The Institute plans to give every part of its curriculum equal emphasis. It can only continue to function as a living entity that initiates and stimulates future generations of artists and cultured people by sharpening its focus on education and artistic activities. The Institute is an enabling tool that helps people work on, and by, themselves.

There are fivestreamstothecurriculum.Theseare“Grotowski:ProblemsandTasks”,“EasternLine”, “The Path of Theatre and Culture”, “Italian Traces” and “Source Techniques – Sources of Techniques”. Each has a practical component (Atelier, work meetings, work sessions, Exchange of Works), a research component (research projects, conferences, theoretical seminars) and a presentation component (work demonstrations, performances, concerts, exhibitions, and filmpresentations). The Institute also has an educational and promotional department, and runs several publishing projects.


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